Efficient Pyrolysis Patented Solution

What is the Problem and Solution?

The Problem

The best solution
to sequester CO²
and mitigate
climate change!

The Solution

CHAR+™ Biochar Sequesters Carbon

"Carbon Negative Cycle"

CHAR+™ sequesters (rather than simply store) carbon into the biosphere.

CHAR+™ carbon sequestration could be at the Gigaton (Gt) scale using current availible feedstock.

CHAR+™ pyrolysis system process offers bio-energy co-products with potential to excess the carbon gain (abatement) from combustion.

What Is Our Advantage?

Canadian AgriChar uses its own proprietary patented pyrolysis system that is able to produce desired biochar used in our CHAR+™ products.

Not feedstock dependant and uses various local feedstocks.

Minimizes biomass feedstock transportation costs.